Morning Glory

March 17, 2011


I took this photo from my bed this morning when I woke up in Daytona Beach. Yes, I’m on the move once again, this time I’m in sunny Florida headed to Disney’s Social Media Moms Conference. And, yes, this time I had to bring my family with me because they were staging a coup happily brought my family with me. I also brought my running shoes but left my tiara and tutu at home. Maybe I can borrow Cinderella’s.
Winks & Smiles,

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5 Responses to “Morning Glory”

  1. jen Says:

    You ROCK a tiara, I am sure Cindy would share hers with you!!

    Have fun in Florida!!

    much love & big hugs! jen


  2. Christina Says:

    That view would motivate anyone for a run! Have a great one!


  3. Marlene Says:

    You are involved in so many exciting things lately. Love that view.


  4. Says:

    This picture is breathtaking!


  5. Kirstie Says:

    What a great way to wake up!


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