Moving Day Saga

April 10, 2014


Forgive me. I’ve been missing in action for the past two weeks. I just moved from one house to another house in the same subdivision. Please note for anyone thinking about doing this just because your move is such a short distance doesn’t mean it’s less work; or that you should do more of it yourself. Gasp!

Yes, it’s been quite a learning experience.

I’ll spare you all of the ugly details from my moving day saga that have truly tested my patience and mental stability. I won’t tell you that our one day move turned into three days because the truck got stuck on the slope of our driveway.

Moving Truck Stuck

I can’t make this stuff up, people.

And, I won’t tell you that we had no gas in the house for the entire first week because of a MASSIVE leak which resulted in the gas people laying new gas lines. And, we won’t talk about the critters (yes, critters) that think they own the place because it’s been empty for a year. No we won’t go there. We’re renting this otherwise lovely house – it truly is lovely – and the owners have been awesome and attentive to making sure everything needed is handled quickly.

So, let’s focus on the good shall we, and take a quick peek at some of the rooms in my new home.

New House Front


It’s an older house but most of the rooms and floors have been remodeled and upgraded.

Family Room

I’m loving the hardwood floors. This is the family room which is open to the kitchen.

Family Room 1

The view from the family room looking into the kitchen.

Living Room

The light that comes into the dining room/living room is awesome. It just might be my favorite space.


The hallway and stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

Bedroom View

This is the view from the master bedroom. Neat, right? And, yes, I’ve already put up curtains. Ahem.

Screened in Deck

The house also has two decks in the back with a screened in porch. I see some backyard BBQ’s in my future.

I’m slowly settling in and I’m having fun taking on some crafty household projects.


I had no idea how much fun one can have with a can of spray paint. GASP!

On the fitness side the only exercise I’ve been doing is moving. I shouldn’t down play that because I’m sure I’ve been burning calories like crazy, but unfortunately, I’ve been eating them like crazy, too.

I got sidelined from running and the gym after straining my shoulder playing tennis. I’m going to do some physical therapy and get back to the fabulous ladies at Atlanta Fitness Diva, hopefully next week. I’ve got a new goal and a lot of work to do to get me there!

What’s the goal? So glad you asked.

It’s tied to an event. And, it’s a BIG one. So big it deserves its own post.

I know I’m wrong for that. Stay tuned.

Winks & Smiles,


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  1. All Talk Entertainmnet Says:

    Congratulations on your new home. It looks absolutely lovely.



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