Running In The Rain

June 23, 2011


Three Things Thursday …

Running in the Rain

I had 8 miles on tap this week for my long run and needed to get it done before Saturday so I could play tennis, too. I knocked out the first two miles on the track by myself then met up with my sister, Nicole, on The Silver Comet Trail to do the other six. Nicole is training for the Peachtree Road Race 10K on July 4.  I thought we had dodged the rain until I pulled up into the parking lot and it started steadily falling.

Waiting for my sister. Wishing the rain away.

Being the troopers that we are, ahem, we decided to run in the rain because we were there and mentally ready to get going. Actually, the rain was quite refreshing and kept us really cool.  We had to navigate through some fallen branches and debris from last night’s thunderstorm. A church down the street from the trail was struck by lightening – gasp!

This was a little more than a fallen branch – yikes! The nice gentlemen helped us hurdle the tree and we kept on going!

Nicole, 6 miles done and ready for the Peachtree! Whoo-hoo!

Storm Damage

The thunderstorm I mentioned last night scared the shit mess out of my dog, Nina (pronounced Nine-uh, like San Francisco 49ners. Don’t ask, I pick my battles and let Husband name her.) She was closed in my bedroom while I was out and apparently did NOT want to stay in there. 

Not only did she tear up the carpet but she locked the bedroom door, too. Yes, she’s got talent; the door was actually LOCKED when I came home. *insert several deep breaths and a beer here*  Yes, I’m OK now.

Aveda Makeover

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to the Aveda Institute in Buckhead for a 60 minute facial and a hair makeover. Ooh la la. I’m not sure what I’m going to do to my hair yet. I want to keep it long because it’s easy to maintain for my workouts but who knows. Christie and I are going together so I’m looking forward to a little girlfriends morning fun!

Today’s workout: Running. 8 miles in the books.

Winks & Smiles,

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7 Responses to “Running In The Rain”

  1. Amanda @ There Are 2 Sides Says:

    That is a lot of dog/storm damage!

    I LOVE running in the rain. A lot of people hate it but I find it calming and so peaceful. Sure you have to dry your shoes out but it is worth it!


  2. marlene Says:

    Why let the rain stop your fun? Way to go, ladies! Must feel good to have it done.

    As for your dog… oh my!


  3. Lesley @ RacingItOff Says:

    Wow, that is some serious clawing!!!! You didn’t want that carpet, did you?


  4. Sheila Says:

    Now that is some die hard training way to go girls!!!!!


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