Shopping Trip #2: Better-For-You Food Options at ALDI’s

February 28, 2014


Last week I shared my first full-blown shopping experience at ALDI’s. ALDI’s recently launched a new organic line and have stepped up their fresh produce and healthy options. They invited me to participate in their fresh blogger program so I could shop for myself and see firsthand what they have to offer. I LOVE that. Instead of sending me a box full of things they want me to try; they’ve sent me out into the world to the store to see, choose and compare the things that are normally on my personal shopping list.

So, I made trip number two to ALDI’s, this time with a more specific plan to get the things I needed to make healthy meals for the week. I’ve been a little relaxed on my meal planning so I took advantage of this opportunity to help get me back on track. I even meal prepped for the week! GASP!

Meal Prep


Well, it wasn’t for the whole week – the first three days – but I planned for the rest of the week, too.

I went shopping on Sunday and filled my cart back up with lots of healthy eats. I remember a few years ago before I started paying attention to eating better when I used to shop and there would almost never be any produce in my cart. Maybe some apples and bananas.

ALDI's cart

We’ve come a long way, baby!

I made a note to myself to try at least one thing from each of the better-for-you food options at ALDI’s which didn’t take much effort because they were the items that I normally buy.

In addition to the organic and fresh produce, I hit the meat section and bought USDA Choice steaks, ground beef, chicken, pork. I also grabbed several items from their Fit & Active line as well as their organic SimplyNature line including frozen fruit, salad dressings, and pasta and tomato sauce.

SimplyNature Sauce

I sauteed some of the fresh veggies, the ground beef and added them to the sauce. Yup, it was good and easy.

ALDI Fresh Cover

Besides, being pleasantly surprised with ALDI’s selection, I was impressed with their ALDI Fresh catalog. It was bright and pretty and made me want to pick it up (yup, I’m that girl the advertising world is targeting).

ALDI Fresh Inside1

It was an easy, organized, quick read highlighting their new healthy options, great meal ideas and better-for-you recipes along with entertaining ideas for upcoming events like Easter. Yes, it’s almost that time. Wow.

So, my take after ALDI’s shopping trip number two – I’m another step closer to putting it into my regular rotation. I’m still in the process of tasting many of the products I bought, but the things I have tried I’ve liked. The steaks I put on the grill last night were so good after I tasted a piece and forgot to take a picture. GASP!

Several things passed the blind taste test with my kids. I switched out the instant oatmeal my son eats and he didn’t mention it until I told him. His response was, “keep this new one. I like it better.” Well, OK.

Next week I’ll be the one doing the testing. ALDI invited me to come to their test kitchen event in Chicago. I’ll make sure to try everything, Ahem, and share the results with you.

Winks & Smiles,


Disclosure: I’m receiving compensation for my participation in the ALDI Fresh Blogger Ambassador Campaign. As always, my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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  1. Georgia Says:

    Hi! I found your site from a pic (maybe on Roni’s blog?) of you guys at Aldi. I love your site! And TLC? How cool are you! And you really felt more fit at 40 than before?? Maybe there’s hope for me yet b/c this second baby did a number on me! :) (okay.. I did the number on me with my snacking BUT still.) ;)


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