Trip Time: ALDI’s Test Kitchen Event

March 5, 2014



Over the past two weeks I’ve shared a couple of posts about my recent shopping experiences at ALDI’s. They’ve launched a new organic line and are focusing more on healthy options. ALDI’s invited me to participate in their fresh blogger program so I could find out firsthand what they have to offer. I must admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve liked it.


It’s true. Before this opportunity I wasn’t quite sure that ALDI’s would have the things I wanted – especially healthy options – and I didn’t quite understand how they operated or how they could save me money. In case you missed my first post, here’s a breakdown of how shopping at ALDI’s works.


Here are the links to my previous posts: Shopping & Saving: Trying Out ALDI’s New Organic Line and Shopping Trip #2: Better-For-You Food Options at ALDI’s.

It’s been fun to shop and explore at my local ALDI, but I have to admit I’m super excited about going to Chicago tomorrow to take part in ALDI’s Test Kitchen Event. I’m not looking forward to the Chi-town cold (um, brrrrr!) but I am looking forward to learning more about the company; and getting some cooking and healthy eating tips from ALDI representatives, Food Stylist Janice Stahl and Registered Dietitian, Sylvia Klinger. I love attending events like this where I can talk freely to folks who work there along with other food experts in hopes of walking away with some new and useful information, great ideas and healthy recipes.


One of the salads I cheffed up after an ALDI shopping trip. It was delish!

I’ll be spending tomorrow afternoon at ALDI Headquarters. After the welcome reception they’ve got a fun line-up of tastings and challenges planned then a dinner, of course! We can’t talk and test all that food without properly indulging. Ahem.

The itinerary includes the Switch & Save Tastings, Price is Right Quick Challenge, Janice Stahl and Sylvia Klinger Presentations, and Liquid Creations: Smoothie or Juice Challenge. I’m not sure what they all entail but they sound like big fun, right? I’m especially looking forward to the Smoothie or Juice challenge. I LOVE both and need some more yummy recipes to slip into rotation.

On Friday morning I’ll do an ALDI store tour; and then fly home that afternoon to Atlanta. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask about ALDI; or any general healthy eating questions you’d like me to ask Janice Stahl and Sylvia Klinger I’m more happy to do so. You can always leave me a comment here or hit me up on one of my social media platforms:

@AskWifey on Twitter
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You can also follow along during my trip, chime in, or even ask your question directly by using the hashtag, #InTheALDIKitchen.

Winks & Smiles,

Disclosure: I’m receiving compensation for my participation in the ALDI Fresh Blogger Ambassador Campaign. As always, my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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    Meat in salad.. hmm that’s something you don’t see everyday,. and I think it’s fine to put meat in your salad as long as there are more green stuffed in it. ;)


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