Wordless Wednesday: Project #Flawless12

February 1, 2012


OK, maybe it’s Not-So-Wordless Wednesday. Ahem. I’ll be brief.

My girl, Christie, is launching Project #Flawless12 today. It’s 29 days of flaunting our divine imperfections. It’s about loving ourselves, embracing our imperfections, letting go of negative self-talk and unrealistic expectations … flaunting our flaws because we have none.

Each day of the month of February, there will be a prompt dedicated to creatively and boldly expressing self-love. Responses to the prompts can be blog posts, tweets, Instagram pics, Facebook posts, any other social site or something totally private for yourself. I’m sure I’ll choose many different outlets throughout the month. Today’s prompt is you #NoFilter.

On this first day of #Flawless, let’s be unfiltered…fresh-faced…our real selves.  When we have our pictures taken…or even when we take pictures of ourselves, we “doll up” a bit, right? Then we pile on the photo enhancers to make us look even better. Let’s be bold enough to show who we are when we wake up in the morning,before the day fully begins.  Take a picture of yourself first thing…without make up…without camera tricks. The ultimate flawless self-portrait.

Me first thing this morning. No camera tricks, no comb and clearly no concealer. GASP!

To learn more about Project #Flawless12 and to celebrate YOU, visit Christie’s #Flawless#12 post here.

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8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Project #Flawless12”

  1. ChatterBox Christie Says:

    HAWT MAMA! You look stunning! Thank you for supporting this project! I am looking forward to a month of fabulousness!


  2. Denene@MyBrownBaby Says:

    And as beautiful as ever!


  3. Josephine Says:

    If I look like that I would have no problems taking a pic. You look good Lorraine.


  4. Seabuscuit Says:

    Just found your site-and watched the atlanta mom’s video. really? There’s difficulty in finding time to work out when your kids are in school and you don’t work outside the home? really? this is so laughable-I can’t believe these women are considered “heros” because they get a run in a few times a week and say how “HARD ” it is. I have worked for 36 years, raised a family (single mom) and still got in my workouts to complete over 100 triathlons- two of the IM distance-and no I didn’t farm my kid out to relatives (don’t live near any). But this is where we are societally. You are AWESOME for making spaghetti sauce on a day after logging four measly miles. Cracks. Me. Up.


  5. Titania (Atlanta Green Mom) Says:

    Beautiful! Who needs makeup anyway?! ;)


  6. Mommy Reporter Says:

    I’m not quite brave enough to be photographed without makeup… but you are so gorgeous, you don’t need any!!!!! :)


  7. Hangingwithangie Says:

    Well check you out all flawless and stuff. You look beautiful.


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